Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is an engineering discipline that combines engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

Material Movement Machine

Belt Conveyors

Installation of New Belt Conveyor Systems including drive drums, Tail Drums, Support Frames, Idlers, Scrappers, Tensioning Mechanisms, Gear Boxes, Motors, Coupling, and Tracking.

Maintenance of existing conveyor systems.

Cold Vulcanization of Conveyor Belts.

Bucket Elevators

Installation of New Bucket Elevators including Fabrication of Casting, Erection of the Casing. Installation of Drive Sprockets, Tall sprockets Bucket Chain, Bucket. Alignment Drive sprockets to Tail Sprocket, installation of Gearboxes and Motors, Alignment of all drives.

Maintenance of Bucket Elevators, including replacement of chain, bucket, and casing. Fabrication of buckets and casing.


Kiln Alignment

Pinion and Girth Gear Installation

Pinion and Girth Gear Removal

Pinion and Girth Gear Alignment, including the setting of root clearances.

Removal and Installation of Kiln Tires & Chairs

Kiln shells Repairs and Replacement

Installation/Removal of Support Rollers

Tracking of Kiln

Furnace Repairs/Replacement

Installation of Furnace Refractories

Installation/Replacement of Lifter Plates.

Grinding Equipment

Installation and Maintenance of Vertical Grinding Mill, Horizontal Ball Mill for Cement and Soda Ash Plants

Installation & Maintenance of Bag Packing Machines

Drag Link Conveyors & Air Slides

Installation & Construction of Drag link Conveyors, Air Slides.