Aluminium Office

An office is generally a room or other area where administrative work is done by an organization’s users in order to support and realize objects and goals.

As a company, we have the best expertise in Aluminium partitioning in Kenya. 

Why do you need an Aluminium Partitioning?

  • High level of adaptability: Our systems can be customised to suit different heights and widths, and we will work with you to achieve your vision.  They are compatible with different door options, such as our flagship sliding solution – the cavity door slider. Some can even be adapted to different wall thicknesses. And, it’s easier to create the space you envisioned because you can easily mix and match the supreme system parts with others in the product range.
  • Environmentally conscious: Our suppliers use sustainable methods to manufacture aluminium items. In addition, some of our partitioning systems are completely demountable, so all of their components can be reused in the future.
  • Privacy is a huge deal in offices as many departments are working together and because of excess noise, the work can be hampered. So these partitions reduce the noise levels that cross the office which allows work to be more efficient and the staff to be more focused. This also helps the staff feel secure in the work environment.
  • Office partitions of any sort are better than making full and permanent walls. Aluminum partitions, in particular, are effective here since they are the cheapest option and are very useful in trapping light and heat inside the rooms they cover. They are also efficient because they can be removed at any time without much effort if any major remodeling of the workspace is required as they are nothing but a bunch of light-weight screens that are temporary
  • Aluminum partitions, unlike glass or wall partitions, save a lot of space by their width. They may not blend as good as a glass or a cement barrier, but they are indeed strong enough to support the room.